Hi, I’m Makara.

I’m an acrylic landscape and floral artist based in Georgetown, TX with an appreciation for vibrant colors and interesting textures. The process of layering and manipulating paint with a palette knife to achieve various raised textures has always fascinated me.

While my primary love is acrylic, I also enjoy experimenting with oil and watercolor paints as well as the digital medium. I find the way each medium and approach behaves in contrast to one another to be very interesting and provide different ways to express. For this reason I often bounce between mediums whenever the mood strikes.

Having spent the majority of my childhood in refugee camps prior to immigrating to America, I am often in awe of the possibilities here. Life can make you experience many changes and force you to adapt again and again, but it helps you see the world differently each time. That is what encourages me to keep making art.

Fun fact: Play with Pigments was started in 2015 as a traveling paint party art studio to raise money for a program that helped provide free education to underserved children in the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Over the years the program has evolved to be a more holistic program called the Cambodia Youth Institute. The program uses technology as the platform to educate and empower Cambodia’s youth for a brighter future in society and the workforce. It’s been an honor to watch the kids I met back then learn, grow and mature after all this time.

This little art business has not only brought me so much joy, but I’m so thankful that it also has the capacity to provide ongoing support for these kids. So when you support my art, you’re also helping at risk kids and youth in Cambodia change their lives.