Cambodian-American Inked Illustration by Makara Thach Sernett
Makara Thach Sernett

I love all things creative and am passionate about serving others – whether it’s with artistic services or doing humanitarian work. I also believe in a well-rounded life, and very much enjoy exploring all facets of creativity. My work communicates that.

My experiences in Thai refugee camps and rural Vietnam, and the life I live now inspire me to create. I make art as a way to appreciate the life I’ve been blessed with. It’s an adventure in capturing the beauty of the people in my life and the landscape I live in every time I create. In turn, the adventure encourages me to practice and learn new styles and techniques in my paintings, drawings, graphics work, and photography.

Through my art adventures, I have discovered painting parties and started Play with Pigments. It’s a painting workshop reformatted as a party where people can learn to paint in a fun and low stress environment. I find that a little fun can encourage those who haven’t painted before or those who haven’t painted in a long time to rediscover their love for art. The experience of a paint party can be very powerful. While in the process of “playing with pigments” and having fun we are breaking down barriers, dispelling self-inflicted anxiety and building a connection with each other. This makes it all worthwhile. I love art very much, but I’ve learned that I love sharing it even more.

Would you like to join me for some art adventures? I would love to “play with pigments” with you!