Play with Pigments is the direct result of Canvases for Cambodia, and we are so proud of how it began.

In spring 2015, Patrick and I committed on a service learning and cultural experience journey to Cambodia. This is a great passion of mine and it was important that the we experience this together as a couple.

During our fundraising efforts, Patrick and I developed several plans to reach our fundraising goal. It was important to personalize the fundraising experience so that those involved could truly understand us as people and why we care so much. So in addition to accepting private donations and donations via a GoFundMe page,  we shared our mutual love for food and art by organizing “Pho” Cambodia’s Sake cooking classes and Canvases for Cambodia painting classes.

Canvases for Cambodia really took off. By the end of our fundraising campaign, we had taught over 15 paint classes and raised our goal. It was so incredible to experience the support and feel the love not only from people close to us, but people we barely know in the community. Our military family and the Fairbanks community really took to our cause and helped spread our love for these kids.

Fast forward to after the trip – well even during the trip – people were requesting more paint parties. It turns out we were addressing a demand that we were unaware of. In response, I decided to develop a business plan and officially created Play with Pigments.

Since Play with Pigments’ conception, we have taught classes worldwide in countries such as Cambodia and South Korea. Keep an eye out for where we will travel to next!

I constantly brainstorm new painting ideas  to grow the gallery. It is my goal to produce unique paintings that are not only easy to learn, but also has a connection to the people in the community.

Patrick and I are dedicated to building relationships with our customers. It’s not just a painting party to us – it’s a way of expression, a way to break down barriers and connect with each other on a meaningful level.

We love group pictures! It communicates our solidarity to pursue creativity together while also highlighting everyone’s unique take on each painting.