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Chasing the Northern Lights

Fall is here! Does anyone else here love fall? Sure the cold and dreary winter is coming, but I’ll deal with that later. Right now, the leaves are changing colors: reds, oranges, yellows and maybe even purples, and it’s all so pretty! I love to enjoy the view and the fresh air during walks among the leaves.

Besides the pretty leaves, in Fairbanks it’s even better because it indicates that the aurora borealis is coming! As of now, it is here but I have yet to see it. However, hubby and I did go chasing the lights. We didn’t see any solar activity BUT we had a blast at Chena Hot Springs and the ice museum tour. We also had a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant with fresh vegetables from their geothermal greenhouse. Can I just say that I had the BEST cherry tomatoes in my life there? If I could buy them to take home, I would have!

At this point, you are probably wondering “where’s this week’s drawing, Kara?” I’m sorry to report that there is no drawing this week, but instead a vlog of our recent adventure to Chena Hot Springs. Like I said, we didn’t see the lights, but it was a good trial run. We also have a bit more of supplies and equipment that will come in handy in future excursions.

After watching the video, what did you think of the ice museum? I took a lot of pictures at that location but have yet to process them. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to photography ice in a dark room, but man did I try 🙂 and I think the images will come out great! Would you like to see them? Like this post and check back next week and maybe they will be here. Or to be notified, like my page on Facebook, follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

See y’all next week!

<3 Kara

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