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DIY Pencil Holder


My name is Makara and I have a problem: I have too many pens, pencils, markers, and paint brushes and they tend to get everywhere! I have an assortment of jars, cups and even bins to store all of these drawing and painting tools, but it gets overwhelming.

I have a variety of short, tall, large and small paintbrushes and palette knives that I am constantly having a hard time identifying because I don’t have a good systems of organizing them. Some are in a large plastic box, some are in jars, some in cups and some are just laying on the table or near the sink when it comes time to wash them.

In addition to my paint brushes, my colored pencils and graphite drawing pencils are also a crazy mess. I have them stored in cups that are in turn stored in a plastic bin. The cups slide all over this bin that was not meant for this purpose and it makes me want to go clear ice on my driveway (beautiful ice breakup weather here in Fairbanks, Alaska) rather than draw. Even when I sit down to do a colored pencil project, I have to deal with 4 plastic cups of colored pencils that consistently fall over, or I lose a few short ones in the cup. It gets very frustrating and inhibits my workflow.

I should also mention that this frustration is not something I discovered recently. I have been wanting a way to remedy this problem for months! But you know, other projects, life, budget, cookies and candy were all distracting me.

In light of all those frustrating times, I said enough is enough! I admit that I have a problem and I am seeking ways to remedy that. If you remember my previous post when I daydreamed about the layout of my art studio, I presented this picture:

Doesn’t that look beautifully organized? That is what I am striving for in my own painting space, but on a larger scale, of course. I’ve looked around the trusty internet and have decided that similar brush caddies can be pricey. I did find one that I really like for a decent price on Etsy. It is most suited for paint brushes, and I am looking for a solution for both my paintbrushes AND pencils. I will still order this in the future but for now, I’d rather spend that money on new brushes or paints. Maybe some cookies.

With that train of thought, I have decided to make my own rather than trying to buy a product that will suit one need but not necessarily fit my workflow and work space. As any sane person would, consulted Pinterest. There are so many creative ideas and solutions out there that I feel kind of lame for not doing this sooner.

After my quest on Pinterest, I am still deciding how I want to proceed to create my perfect paint brush and pencil holder. In the meanwhile, I’ve followed through with a quick fix (pictured at the top of this page). I would like to share with you what I did along with some of my favorite ideas out there!


10 Minute Marker Caddy by Aunt Peaches

This is most likely the project I choose to do. Even before finding this handy project, I had already brainstormed using toilet paper rolls as slots to put pencils and such in. However, the major difference is that I planned on gluing the toilet paper rolls down on a piece of wood for stability while Aunt Peaches uses a box and no glue. Furthermore, I had planned two rows for my caddy: a taller row and a shorter row to accommodate the pencils that get shorter over time. I can accommodate that even if I use a box. I would just have to cut diagonally on the sides of the box from the back to the front.



DIY Pencil Holder Using Toilet Paper from Deco Soup

This pencil holder takes my toilet paper roll idea to a whole new level! The cool thing about this project is that you can create your pencil holder to be any shape you want! I really want to try this project, but we shall see how I make it look prettier… not to mention I have to save more toilet paper rolls!



Custom Wooden Brush Holder

Although I don’t have the woodwork skill necessary for this project, I still admire it!



DIY Tin Can Pencil Holders

This idea is so genius! Not only is it useful, but it’s also very flexible. If you need just one or two tins for a project, just remove it from the hook and you can work anywhere. Not only are you not limited in terms of work space, you can easily make multiple rows and have as many tins as necessary to fit all your supplies.



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