Factual Friday: Be Healthy!

Good morning Lured Ones,

I hope your week went well and that your weekend is off to a great start! I’d say my week has been pretty dang good, with a lot of fitness, great discussions, painting time and of course Halloween. With things going so well, I’ve been in such a good mood that I can see it in my work. I prepare for a painting faster, get through a painting with more enthusiasm, and I don’t stress out about the little things as much. This kind of positive outlook has encouraged me to write quickly on the importance of good physical, mental and emotional health in painting (and anything else really).

In addition to this, I’d like to share a contemporary artist that I recently found. His oil paintings are fantastic and I’m loving his color composition as well as style. Check it out!

“Braids” by David Gray,

Although P90X is rough at times, my body and my art work is thanking me. I have so much more energy in my days to be more productive in everything. And today I read an article from a contemporary artist that I admire on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He mentioned that letting his fitness slide had affected his back, which eventually affected his work because he couldn’t sit all day painting without pain in the lumbar region.  So after getting fit again, he saw the change. You can read more about it by clicking here. I encourage you to visit his site ( and also look at his work. He is a fantastic artist. And he is also a PLU alumnus. What a small world right?

In addition to my physical health, I feel that emotionally and mentally I am in a good place. This is not to say that I wasn’t before, it’s just that I feel so enthused and excited for my days recently. A friend introduced me to the book “Finding the Hero in Your Husband” by Julianna Slattery and I’ve been reading it with an open mind and open heart. It has opened my eyes to many things and has given me kind of a refreshed outlook on how to build my home even stronger. That tid-bit and discussing it with my friend in more detail today, a sort of book discussion on a few chapters, has gotten me so motivated to be better.

Now I know that this isn’t the most novel thing in the world, but it is important. So there it is, my thought for this week’s Factual Friday.

See you on Sunday Surprise (I think you’re gonna like the surprise).

<3 Kara

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