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Factual Friday: Ruby Liberty Dragonfly by Kelly Eddington

Good morning Lured Ones!

It’s Factual Friday again! I hope your week has been bearable, if not good.

My husband and I have started P90X and we are very much in pain. However, it is extremely rewarding to finish a workout that I didn’t think I could do since I don’t really have muscle at all… just bones. The other day, I was trying to eat a banana after a P90X session in an attempt to not barf. Let me tell you, this is serious business. No joke! So that’s my tid-bit of the day. On with Factual Friday!

Ruby Liberty Dragonfly by Kelly Eddington, watercolor. Click here for her post on this piece. Can you believe this done in watercolor??

Today I wanted to share with you an artist I discovered recently. I follow a beauty b/vloger Emily from Beauty Broadcast and saw her sister’s amazing work. I’ve been a fan since. Her name is Kelly Eddington and she creates highly realistic portraits, still lifes, florals, and occasional landscapes using watercolors, which she calls “the most unpredictable, unstable, and unforgiving medium known to man.” She always starts with a face, and builds it up in layers as they emerge from the white surface. As this happens, she “falls in love” with every thing about her subject, everything that makes them unique. She loves to paint her subjects in their environment whether it’s a room full of books or any of their favorite things. She describes her method and process so beautifully that I recommend you visit her site and read it for yourself! Her site is and be sure to read her bio!

Here are some of her works. For more, please click here.

I hope you found Kelly Eddington’s work as beautiful as I do! See you for Sunday Surprise…

<3 Kara

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