Hester Family Photos

The Hesters are wonderful people and it was my pleasure to capture their beautiful and smiling faces.

HesterFamily20140423 (4)

The gorgeous Alaskan spring afternoon provided the perfect amount of warm light for the shoot, however the mosquitoes were definitely against us.

HesterFamily20140423 (9)

If you don’t know, the melted snow and ice in Fairbanks turn the ground mushy, which are the perfect conditions for mosquitoes. And since our location was closer to the woods, we were definitely in their territory. This added an extra level of fun to our shoot. All the battles with the mosquitoes always brought lots of laughter.

HesterFamily20140423 (13)

There’s always time for a silly picture!

HesterFamily20140423 (15)

After photos of the whole family, we did smaller groups. We photographed all the girls together and then moved on to the sisters.

HesterFamily20140423 (19)

After the girls, we did a few fun set ups with the boys.

HesterFamily20140423 (20)

Look at that face! Spontaneous ideas tend to lend better pictures than thought out poses. While I was directing the boys, I told Joey to grab dad and grandpa’s faces, and that is the ultra-cute result.

HesterFamily20140423 (34)

HesterFamily20140423 (27)

These two are one of theĀ  most loving couples I have ever met!

HesterFamily20140423 (29)

The way they care for each other, their family and the Army family is inspiring. My husband and I are truly blessed to call them friends.

HesterFamily20140423 (42)

HesterFamily20140423 (46)

It was very exciting for me to meet Steve and Shelly not only because are incredible parents, but also because I’ve been wanting to meet the masters behind the delicious Hester recipes!

HesterFamily20140423 (30)

I sat everyone down and told the kids to be silly while their parents were kissing. While the lighting may be patchy, I still believe this is one of my favorites of the day.

HesterFamily20140423 (31)

Here is another of my favorites. The sun rays peaking through the branches, everyone’s relaxed postures and those genuine smiles create such a lovely picture.

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