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Husband Does My Make-Up (At least your lashes can gasm)

My sister called me on Valentine’s day requesting that I do a “my husband does my make-up” video. Secretly, I’ve wanted to do this before, so I decided why not? My sister will be especially happy, and hubby & I will have fun with it.

Disclaimer: I am no make-up guru lol this is all for fun 🙂

Do you like these kinds of personal videos in addition to my art stuffs? You could see more!

On another note, let’s address the big elephant in the blog, which is  my lack of posts for the last… month? I probably should have done an update post, but the truth is that the Army has sent us on our way to a new post. So the last month consisted of sorting out paperwork, organizing belongings, packing what I can, and shipping out our 2nd car.

Furthermore, we did a super long road trip from San Antonio, TX to Columbia, SC while making a few pitstops to see some good friends along the way. We stopped at St. Joseph, MO; Columia, MO; Carbondale, IL; and Vine Grove, KY. But details on that later, when I finish the road trip video!


Until next time, y’all take care!

<3 Kara

P.S. If you are from Columbia, SC, do you have any recommendations for cool things to do, places to visit, and restaurants to dine at?

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