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Illustration markers that glide like butter!

Hello Fairbanks! We are finally here!

My first impression of Fairbanks is pretty good so far. The people are nice and the area outside of main downtown is beautiful – gorgeous skies, clouds, mountains and trees! Also, the sun stays out through most of the night since it’s summer. When we first arrived, we did see the midnight sun. It’s messed up my sleeping schedule a bit, but the sight is AMAZING! Although I wasn’t able to get a good picture of that, here’s some eye candy for now 🙂 I took this picture on the way into Fairbanks.

Alask SunsetI plan on practicing some photography and painting techniques as inspired by the landscape here in Alaska. I’ve taken tons of pictures on our drive as painting references too! I also can’t wait for the aurora borealis (northern lights) to come out. I’m going to take advantage of nature’s beauty while we are here for sure! That is, as soon as our house is available and we can officially move in. We just signed a month-to-month lease on a furnished apartment while we wait, so I don’t really have much tools. I do have my camera, but no extra car to explore, so no photography for now. I also have a travel set of my Prismacolor colored pencils with me, so I’ll have to get going on something using my reference pictures once we move in.

I’ve also been working very actively on the logo project for Khmerican. During the most recent phase of this project, I needed some black illustration markers to work with. The sharpie I had been using doesn’t give crisp edges and I didn’t have very much control with it. So I decided to pick some up Prismacolor illustration markers at the local Michael’s. I couldn’t decide between the double ended brush tip marker or small brush tip marker.

prismacolor-marker The double tip marker has a large brush tip on one end and a smaller tip on the other. While both ends are supposed to be a brush tip, the smaller end is not as soft and flexible as the large brush end. The smaller end is firm like a small Sharpie’s marker tip.

The single ended brush tip marker is soft and flexible like the larger brush tip on the double ended marker. I would have liked this smaller brush tip on the other end of the double ended marker because it best resembles the larger end. Since I really wanted the large brush tip as well as the smaller brush tip (not the smaller end of the double ended one), I decided to purchase both.

I have never used quality illustration markers before, so I didn’t know what to expect. All I’ve known are the Crayola markers and Sharpies. So when I started to use these Prismacolor markers, these two words can describe my reaction: mind blown. They glided on my sketch paper like butter! It was so soft and easy to control like I have never experienced before… not even in my nicer paint brushes. It was like using my favorite paint brush without ever having to re-dip it in paint.

Aside from the awesome buttery-soft consistency and texture, I had full control of whatever kind of lines I wanted to make. This was super helpful when I had to draw and re-draw logo mockups with minor changes. Since it’s a filbert tip, with a super pointy end, I could use a light touch to create the daintiest line. Or with a bit of added pressure, I could draw a consistent, thick line. AND when I lay the brush tip on it’s side, depending on how flat and how much pressure, I could create really pretty calligraphic lines. BEAUTIFUL. I might add more colors or even a set of them to my holiday/birthday wish list… and by might, I mean will. 😛

Thanks so much for stopping by for this quick review of the Prismacolor illustration markers. I hope you found it helpful. Have you tried these before for your projects? Leave a comment! I would love to hear about the other uses for these markers.

Until next week, have a great one!

<3 Kara

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