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Importance of color in any creative project


Baby in four different art movements

From my first commission until now, I have always made a point to thoroughly discuss color options with my clients. Whether it’s a painting or a piece of graphic, the colors hugely impact how the client feels about the product. Not to mention, it will affect other people beyond the client depending on what they choose to do with it.

Of course, this isn’t a novel concept. It’s widely known that colors play a large role in marketing as colors can be associated with specific emotions or characteristics. Have you noticed that many fast food places use lots of red? That’s because red is a stimulating color. It often encourages cravings and hunger to consume more. What about all those packaging with lots of green on them? Products that want to be received as healthy or eco-friendly tend to use green in their packaging designs to show that they are closer to nature. All colors on products you see at the grocery store or mall, even online were carefully chosen to stimulate you on a subconscious level and communicate a very specific message.

Blast from the past: Sunset with Papa


This was my first commissioned painting called “Sunset with Papa.” It was commissioned by a loving mother who’s husband and daughter shared a special time of day at sunset. It was so special to them that when Papa was deployed, they both would still look at the beautiful sunset that God had painted and feel close to each other.

This was such a important request for a wonderful little girl, so the colors in this scene were chosen with great care. Not only did I want to portray accurate colors that the little girl loves, but I wanted to make it as vibrant as possible to reflect the significance of her relationship with her Papa.

Furthermore, I had to consider my audience. The scene was a sunset, which could easily have been translated into a darker and moody scene even if I stuck with the agreed colors. However, this piece was for a little girl. So to appeal to her, I opted to represent the colors in their most saturated form: blues are definitely blue, yellows are definitely yellow and reds are very red.

Colors in recent projects

Colors in a graphic design is just as important as a colors in a painting. Although for certain graphic projects, I feel it’s even more difficult to choose a color because not only do you have to select colors for your client but also their clients.

I can’t quite reveal what my current the project is, but I can say that it is a branding project. I’ve been working on this for almost a month and have reached the final stages. It is in this time that I am reminded of the significance of carefully chosen colors.

On one hand, I must choose colors that appeal to the clients. On the the other hand, these colors must also reflect the brand’s intention. Sometimes, these two pieces don’t match up, but as the designer I must present a winning combination that resonate with both the client and their brand. Although the task can be difficult, you just have to keep looking forward and give as many options as necessary to please your customer. As my mother-in-law always says: customer is king.

To end this post, I will include a resource on color that I think will be of great help to other creative people. If anything, it’ll be a fun look.

Book: Color Harmony Compendium
This book is a recent addition to my collection and has been a great help so far. Not only are concepts explained clearly, but also the visuals are very well laid out. Even if you aren’t looking to create a product, this is fun to look at. Furthermore, the included CD allows you to change colors of the provided logos and see how colors interact with each other. I was entertained by this CD for hours!




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