Inking Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) in Preparation for Watercolor

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So excited to start creating videos and sharing my creative process. This is me inking line drawings using Prismacolor markers and Sakura brush pens in preparation for watercolor treatment.

The flowers you see are called mumunghwa, or also known as the rose of Sharon. It’s a flower that holds deep symbolism in Korean culture to mean “eternal blossom that never fades.” Read more about the meaning of the national flower of South Korea here: The National Flower – Mugunghwa

This project holds special meaning to me because it is commissioned by a dear friend who I met while living in Alaska. As our spouses’ jobs move us around quite a bit, we had to say our farewells eventually, unsure of when we’d meet again. Then wouldn’t you know it, fate brought us back together in the same area in South Korea! And it was less than a year later. How funny. So we had a grand time adventuring together, learning a new language and discovering all the random alleyways and food vendors we could manage. All the wonderful memories from South Korea with this friend came rushing back while working on this project.

Enough with my nostalgia. On with the video! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of future videos.

Supplies Seen/Used:

  • Prismacolor Premier Fine Line Markers
  • Sakura Pigma FB Brush Pen
  • General Pencil Co. Kimberly Drawing Pencil HB
  • Pentalic Sketchbook
  • Alvin & Co. Drafting Dusting Brush
  • Canson Tracing Paper (to protect from bleeding)
  • Strathmore Watercolor Paper

This video is only part one. The second part will show me applying watercolor paint. Please stay tuned for that.

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