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Late night Japanese clouds nail art inspiration


Hi y’all!

This week I was going to follow-up with another Prismacolor landscape on higher quality paper, but it’s taking a while longer to finish than anticipated because my battery keeps running out. So I’m having to draw for a few hours, break to charge battery, and continue again. The charging time is slowing the process, but I’m looking into purchasing another battery pack in the future. In the meanwhile, enjoy this bit of nail art that still fits into the Alaskan landscape theme: clouds!

As you can tell, I’ve been obsessed with clouds as a result of moving to Alaska. I’ve been trying to do them in colored pencils, thinking about how to manipulate the medium, but my obsession has transferred beyond paper – it’s onto nails too!

I was playing with nail polishes last night, making swatches and possible designs for later. While playing with the dotting tool I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I made curly designs.” Well that didn’t turn out the way I was hoping but they look great as clouds!

Pink polish with white clouds was the happy accident. The rest was me trying to see how it would look on different colors. My favorite is the clouds on black polish with tan detailing. Which one is your favorite? What other colors should I try? Let me know in the comments. I would be happy to take some requests!

I promise next week I will have the video for the next Prismacolor colored pencil landscape!

<3 Kara


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