Karleen + Ce’Relle Maternity Photos

It was a chilly fall afternoon in our small town in South Korea when we set out to capture this lovely couple’s maternity family photos.

Baby Karmin was made in Korea, so it was so important to Karleen and Ce’Relle that her photographs reflected that. We wanted to capture some of the beautiful fall nature that engulfs our little town, as well as the sweet love between Karleen and Ce’Relle. Thankfully, we found a charming temple on top of a hill with beautiful landscape to serve as our backdrop for the first half of the session.

Can you believe it snowed a couple days earlier? We were so worried that everything was going to be mush and that we had missed the fall colors. Yet, the ground was clear and we found one single patch of crazy vibrant red foliage. It was perfect!

I was told that Ce’Relle isn’t keen on being photographed. As you can see, the evidence to this was sorely lacking. In fact, he’s as comfortable as can be.

Another unique feature to our town here is the river. We wanted to visit the stone lined path right at the edge of the water. The contrast between the cold hard stone and warm fall leaves was the perfect backdrop for our third location. The tricky climb down from the walking path under the bridge was well worth it! Not only did we survive without breaking a bone, nor twisting a joint, but we were also able to capture some beautiful shots. My personal favorite is the top left in the above collage. She is a radiant mermaid!

Of course we had to get a group picture at the end, even if it meant finding rocks to form a makeshift tripod. No photo shoot is complete without it.

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