New Born Family Photos with Karleen, Ce’Relle and Karmin

I’m so excited to finally reveal Karmin’s new born family photos!

A few months ago, I had photographed this lovely family while Karmin was still in her mommy’s tummy. Karleen and Ce’Relle were already deeply in love with their new family member. But now, it’s even more apparent.

Throughout the whole shoot, both Karleen and Ce’Relle were extremely doting on Karmin and there was no mistaking the love they shared.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to capture this lovely family’s last moments in Korea as they embark on their new adventure together.

All the best wishes to Karleen, Ce’Relle and Karmin!

And of course, we can’t end without a behind the scenes photo:

Thank you Karleen for this precious photo of me with the little one!

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