Lilacs, Peony and Rose Florals Coloring Page Printable

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Happy summer everyone! The first half of 2020 has been quite the journey for the world and for myself as well. In the midst of all this pandemic craziness, I experienced some unfortunate health problems that set my timeline goals back a bit. For the sake of my health and my family’s well being, I decided to focus on healing rather than work. For that reason, there hasn’t been any new coloring pages nor new paintings. But no worries, I am pretty much recovered since my final surgery and back at it! Thanks for everyone’s well wishes both privately and on my social media.

While on bedrest, a friend recommended that I try out some digital art. I badly missed my art studio but was physically unable. So I dusted off the trusty iPad and iPencil and played around on ProCreate a bit. There are many helpful videos on YouTube, so that was a blessing. What would we do without YouTube tutorials?

All that’s to say, this coloring page was produced entirely using the ProCreate app on the iPad Pro and iPencil. I have to say, this process was different but extremely flexible. I can’t tell you how many times I had wished for an undo button while illustrating the previous coloring pages. And now, I could undo, redo, layer, crop and move to my heart’s content. And the erasing is such a breeze. How freeing! I thoroughly enjoyed this new approach and plan to play more with it in the future.

Now enough about that, let’s get to the pretty florals. Here’s a snippet of the timelapse that ProCreate generated. Did you know the app records your strokes and makes a timelapse for you? So cool!

I hope you enjoy this new coloring page. I tried to kick it up a notch since the medium is more flexible. Plus, I had been meaning to do this combo of florals since early on because they were so highly requested. I just couldn’t keep up with all the amazing flowers. Although a bit late, it’s better than never… or so they say.

Feel free to print as many copies as you’d like! Get the whole family involved. And also don’t forget to share with any friends who may also enjoy coloring this page.

Please share your results on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @playwithpigments and hashtagging #simplyfloralscoloring. If that’s not your thing, I would also love a private message.

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