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MLK Backdrop: A Poster from my past :)

Good afternoon Lured Ones!

I hope you all are having a great week, but if not, have no fear for the weekend is here! … well it’s coming!

So it’s been a couple days since my last post and I want to keep the goodies coming! I just started on a new project– a 17″x13″ colored pencil piece. I will not be showing updates for this as I go along because it’s going to be someone’s Christmas gift! I love giving gifts, especially things that I’ve made, but my problem is being too excited to hide the secret. So we will see how long it takes for me to crack. I will also be starting on two other pieces that are also going to be holiday gifts, so I won’t be updating about those either. Or at least I will try my very best not to. If the secret gets out then I guess there’s no harm in that, but for now the secret remains!

In the meanwhile, some eye-candy for you all! I am sharing a poster I did back in high school. I was in ASB (student government) and organizations pretty much the whole high school experience, and I was of course the one to make or take part in a lot of posters. During my senior year, I designed and rallied a small team to make sever huge posters for assemblies. The one I am sharing was from a Martin Luther King Jr. assembly. I am not sure on the exact dimensions, but it’s even taller than me! I did it with some help from my art teacher and ideas from friends. This was acrylics on butcher paper. Since they were usually gigantic and put up only to be taken down after the event, I didn’t have the resources to use actual canvas or panels. So butcher paper was my best friend 🙂

I hope you like it! More posters to come your way soon! I will be going back to Seattle stay with my baby sister while my parents are out of the country for a month. So I won’t have my supplies to paint or anything, but I will be bringing my nice colored pencils that my husband gifted me for Christmas one year. Hopefully, I get some colored pencil stuff done and will be able to share those. Otherwise, I will be sharing older things that I’ve done in the past. In any case, it’s fun to look back.

Have a wonderful weekend, Lured Ones! Until next time…

<3 Kara

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