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My First Giclee Print: Girl and Dragon

Hey everyone!

I couldn’t wait to share with you all some exciting news! As you know I have ordered my very first giclee print and I finally picked it up today! There were some complications with the printer (as in it broke) so I had to wait an extra week for them to order a new special printer before it was ready. I’m so happy with the results and so I took some pictures for you 🙂

Here is me with the unveiling of the amazing print! It’s the the first time I’ve seen it though, since I had to see it at the print shop to confirm, but still, that sounds way more dramatic. In any case, I was still happy to see it again. The owner of the print shop (River City Digital Graphics), Jim commented that he liked the painting and that I did a great job with it 🙂 That was so great to hear, especially since he has been painting for a very long time. He also said that I did a great job with the digital image as it looks as good as if it were scanned (I took a picture with my camera with strategic lighting). That also was amazing to hear; it’s always good to get confirmation that you are doing a good job.

Now that I have an archival quality print of this painting, I will be happy to share both with Andi and have him pick which ever one he wants to have. After all, this painting wouldn’t have existed without him.

So that was my exciting news for today. That makes two posts in one day! Yowza 🙂 Until next time!

<3 Kara

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