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Vibrant fantasy hair has become a part of how I present myself to the world. Some people show their personality with choice of lip stick, nail polish, and even tattoos. For me, it’s my hair. It’s not only a way to convey the way I see the world, but also to convey my brand as owner of Play with Pigments.

From long layers of Aurora green/blue, to emerald green, to magenta-purple, then mid-length bob purple-violet.

From long layers of Aurora green/blue, to emerald green, to magenta-purple, then mid-length bob with purple oil slick.

This upcoming international move has really got me worried. With so much to manage with this move, the last thing I want to worry about is how ratchet my hair is. I wanted something that would fade well and could pass as a purposeful ombre for a couple months. In other words, I want to have my cake and also eat it. And I think we’ve found the way: oil slick hair. Scott of S Salon & Studio and I are working on perfecting the oil slick on me before my very last appointment with him.

When Scott, first mentioned oil slick hair, I wasn’t very keen on it. In my head were images of an actual oily head of hair.

After seeing some pictures, I thought it was pretty interesting and unique. However, I still didn’t want the look right away because I don’t enjoy the yellows and oranges in my hair. From previous experience with green, I know that the slightest hint of yellow will become apparent quickly on my Cambodian bleached hair, and not in a good way. So we opted for a safe purple oil slick.

This step always gets me so excited!

This step always gets me so excited! I guess this does look like a wet oil slick.

After seeing Guy Tang’s version on Michelle Phan’s hair, I changed my mind about oil slick colors. I began to look more into oil slick hair and saw that it can be done without the oranges and yellows, but more than just purple. And the colors Guy chose for Michelle paired well with her complexion, which is the same as my own skin tone. Today, I went for it. Oil slick hair, but minus the oranges and yellows. We stuck with the greens, blues and purples without breaking the base.

I love the way he lays the hair. It looks beautiful throughout the whole process.

At first we were unsure how the green would layer over my purple. I have had green and blue hair, then emerald green, then magenta-violet followed by purple. When we switched from the green to purple, we did a good amount of bleaching to lift color and my hair is fried. I was hoping we didn’t have to bleach again. Scott tried a small chunk to see if green would show up directly over purple or if it would turn a weird brown. My experience with color theory saw a weird brown, but sure enough the emerald green showed up beautifully. It’s a great first step towards perfecting the oil slick on me before my very last appointment with Scott.

oil-slick-hair-2It’s interesting how differently hair pigments interact compared to paint. That’s not to say I’m not happy with the results. In fact, I’m ecstatic! It changes depending on the lighting and it turns out a bit different after each shampoo. I just can’t get over it! Thank you Scott for always making me feel fabulous about my hair.

Ever since I committed to green and blue hair last year, I have never wanted to go back to my dark brown hair again. Like I said, it conveys my playful personality and shares my perspective. People around town has also begun to recognize me and Play with Pigments based on my hair! How cool is that? I’ve also noticed that it has given me so much vibrancy in the way I approach things. I feel more daring and more like myself than any other time in my life. So if you have been contemplating fantasy hair, or a new change in your life, I say go for it. It could bring on a whole world of opportunities that you may not have thought about.

If you are in the Fairbanks, AK area and want to give your color or cut a change, I highly recommend Scott! Find him at S Salon & Studio: Facebook  |  Website


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