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Speed Painting Funky Frida Kahlo

I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween this year and was inspired to put a funky looking Frida on top of last week’s abstract painting (image below)

Frida-bgI actually painted her face twice. The first time I attempted to freehand it because I wanted to challenge myself to try a new method. However, that didn’t turn out well for me as it isn’t compatible with my workflow. So I covered that up and started on her face again using an approach that I was comfortable with, which was to figure out my proportions, sketch it out and then fill in the spaces.

The next picture shows the face at the end of the second try. The “almost finished” (left) side was how I wanted to finish the painting. Usually at this point I stop and leave the room for a good while to reset my eyes. When I revisit with fresh eyes, I can determine if I’ve missed something or need to fix something. And as you can guess, I needed to fix the nose and add some finishing touches such as highlights. I remember thinking to myself “she looks like Voldemort without a defined nose!” Looking back, I’m so glad I have this step in my workflow because she looks way better in the “finsihed” side (right).

Frida-beforeafterBelow is the finished product, signed and tape peeled off! I’m pretty happy with it and I hope you do too! Do you see anything weird or needs improvement? Whatever your thoughts, please share them with me in the comments below!
Frida-finishedIn case you were curious here’s my costume! On the left is my husband as Lord Raiden and of course me as Frida Kahlo on the right.

halloweenAnd here’s me as the zombie-fied Frida Kahlo (wearing Lord Raiden’s hat). I thought it was funny hehe

zombiefridaI hope you enjoyed this week’s installment on Be Lured. Please share your thoughts and comments and I will see you next week!

<3 Kara

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