Peace from Alaska

On my flight to Korea, I was suddenly inspired to draw. In my mind, it was poetic to start my traveling journal of drawings with the place I left: Alaska.

Alaska Golden Fall 2014

The colors in this drawing does not do the real scene justice. The Alaskan fall is so vibrant and golden that it sometimes looks Photoshopped.

I aimed to draw something to reflect my peaceful and joyous mood as I was flying half way across the world to see my husband. A sight from the city I left felt right, specifically this sight. It features a bridge in front of the river with a row of neat trees behind it. Maybe it’s the rustic charm of the bridge, or how the sun illuminates the trees as it comes down for the day, but there is something about this place that brings me peace.

Also, you may recognize this bridge from another project of mine. This was the location for baby Snyder’s announcement!

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