Greeting Cards: Fig Tree Pots Collection


Each one of these beautiful cards feature a different watercolor painting of a Fig Tree Pot original hand-thrown pot and plant arrangement. They represent a different feeling and mood, and are named as such. The idea is that your lives are vibrant and full of color, so your greeting cards should serve any purpose you may need! As such, cards are blank on both the inside and outside so that you can customize the message for any occasion.

The designs feature the following pots from the Fig Tree Pots collection:

  • Confident & Bold: Smokey Bud Vase
  • Cool & Chill: Matte Green Planter
  • Fun & Carefree: Marbled Clay Planter
  • Merry & Daring: White Speckled Vase
  • Warm & Sunny: Cinco Rojo Bud Vase

The cards are printed on premium linen card stock and come with matching linen envelopes, because you and your recipient only deserve the best.

Cards may be purchased individually, but we recommend the collection bundle. You’ll never know when the mood strikes.



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