Save money with these free gift ideas!

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Good news!

Not all gifts need to be purchased with money.

It’s so convenient to shop for the perfect gift, especially if your local shops have amazing handmade items. But the holiday budget can quickly grow out of control and I have a suspicion we’re all on a tighter budget than usual this particular holiday season.

There’s no need to fret. Your gifts can be extremely thoughtful and impactful, without having to spend at all. It will take a bit of your time and energy, but that will be so worth it when your recipient beams with joy.

So here are 5 thoughtful gifts you can prepare at no cost to you!

1. Poem/Letter

Write a poem or letter to show how much you appreciate them. Or perhaps to recount your favorite holiday memory with them. It can be on a normal sheet of paper, or any sort of note card.

Bonus points if it’s handwritten. If you’re creative, you can add a drawing on one side so they can hang it up to always be reminded of you.

2. Favorite Item

Do they often borrow something specific from you? Or maybe there’s a particular mug your friend always admires when they come over? Maybe it’s a sweater, a hand tool, or even that recipe card for those ooey-gooey cookies!

Wrap that sweater up, put that hand tool in a gift bag and re-write that recipe card for them. That would make the perfect gift and it’s guaranteed that they will love it. I know from personal experience having received a beloved basket that I kept borrowing from a friend.

3. Modern Mix Tape

This is an oldie but a goodie: Put a twist on the old school mix tape and make a playlist with songs that are special to you two. Maybe there’s a song that has an inside joke or you know they would enjoy a particular undiscovered song.

You can take it to the next level by singing those songs! No singing ability required. I made a CD (circa 2009) of me singing (off tune, off key, off beat) this person’s favorite holiday songs, and that recipient is now my husband of 10 years.

4. Video Tribute

With all the tech in our hands, consider making a video tribute with all the photos and videos you’ve captured while spending time together.

There are so many free apps that can help you with this and your smartphone will likely have a built in app to help you create videos too. Want more help? You can always consult YouTube!

What a great way to relive the good times!

5. DIY Trivia Night

If you need to prepare gifts for a whole group a DIY Trivia night is the option for you!

There are various trivia generator sites that can help you out, but you can also personalize the experience by writing questions that are specific to your group!

You can use that playlist from gift idea #3 while people come up with answers, and prizes can be of the funny variety using items around the house.

The best part? It’s an interactive way to catch up with everyone and you can play in person or over Zoom/FaceTime.

I hope this short list helped spark ideas for your gifting this year. Do you have other ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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