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If at first you don’t succeed… at timelapses

Happy Wednesday!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been very consistent on my posting days but with how cray cray this new move is, I’m happy I can post at all! AND we finally got internet yesterday, woot woot! Isn’t it funny how dependent we are on internet these days? I felt so cut off for a while.

strawberries-timelapse-titleAnyhow, on with the subject of this post! The title is a little vague, but it’s about my attempt at creating a timelapse. The first one was in San Antonio off the balcony of our apartment. It turned out pretty good for my first attempt, but I wanted to try again and improve on it. I had a few ideas in mind like growing bean sprouts, rotting fruit, traffic and clouds. But before we moved from Columbia, SC I was trying to thaw some frozen strawberries and decided “why not now?” So I set up my equipment and took almost 400 shots for this project. Rather than taking a long video and speeding it up, I challenged myself to do it with pictures, and without fancy equipment. It was rough to say the least.

After putting it together, I realized that it kind of sucks 🙁 the lighting kept changing because I kept moving around in the kitchen, and unknowingly blocking the main light source. I also was very impatient, because I was watching ice melt after all, and part of the way through, I decided to fill the sink with warm water to speed up the process. So far so good… until half way through I thought it would be smart to speed up the melting process with a blow dryer… bad call. All the icicles on top melted off immediately and I totally missed the whole thing on camera. Half way through this short video, you will see a jump in the melting process… now you know why.

Like the title says, if at first (or second try) you (still) don’t succeed… at timelapses… try and try again. So you better believe you will see more attempts at this technique in the future. PLUS with the nature of Alaska, you can expect to see more interesting things change than frozen fruit.

Without further ado, here is the finished product. I hope I haven’t hyped it up too much 😛 Have any of you done a timelapse? Do you have any tips for me? We all know I need help on this lol so I’ll take any advice you’ve got!

ALSO! What would you like to see in my next timelapse? Keep in mind I am in Alaska lol.


Thanks to PacDV for the free track titled Gentle Thoughts (Short).

Also, if you are curious about my first timelapse, click here, or see below:

See you next week, Lured Ones!

<3 Kara

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