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Sunday Surprise: Dragonfly Mosaic

Happy Sunday evening!

The day is almost over and I realized I forgot all about Sunday Surprise, and I am so sorry! So here it is, a bit late.

Today I am sharing with you all a mosaic I did a long while ago back in IB art. During that time, I experimented a lot with different mediums, and at one point I did spend a lot of time in the glass room. I learned to cut glass, and put them together, how stained glass is made and how to use tile grout. Although I enjoyed it very much, as I experimented with many more mediums, I drifted away from glass and never came back, not because I didn’t want to but it just never happened.

Anyway, this one is made with glass, filled with toned tile grout on thick panel of wood and 1 inch thick. Then I bordered the whole thing with a wooden frame, which I painted a maroon-brown color to compliment the warm sky.

So here is my Dragonfly mosaic. I hope you like it, and happy Sunday Surprise!

<3 Kara

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