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The Journey Begins

It would be a disservice to not start with a gigantically huge thank you to all of you who have supported us on this Journey for Cambodia. It was a long 6 months of preparation, planning, and fundraising with many ups and downs, but we made it with all of your love and support! When we say “we couldn’t have made it without you,” we sincerely mean it. We so appreciate everyone investing their time, energy, and resources to support such an important cause to us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

I was struggling with how to share with all of you our experiences over the next few weeks. Many have taken to share updates and pictures via social media. It is a straightforward method where content is updated almost in realtime. This is fantastic because fans and viewers can truly connect with the person and I wish that my relationship with social media was more like this. However, that’s just not the way I communicate. I’m not ultra active and tend to not post pictures immediately after capture – I take a bit of time, and usually curate my posts. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that blogging is my method of choice.

Over the next few weeks, Patrick and I will take turns writing blog posts here after we have digested our experiences. We believe that this is the best method for us to tell you the story of our Cambodia journey. 

We value your time and are grateful that you are taking the time to read our story. Please stay tuned for future posts! We hope to write as much as we can, and to also receive feedback from you. We want to have a conversation with you, whether it’s about about the kids we serve, Khmer culture, or anything else you are curious about.

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