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Tutorial Tuesday: Understanding Color

Good afternoon Lured Ones!

I hope your week is off to a good start and are on your way to happy Halloween tomorrow!

Today I had a tutorial planned and began filming it for you. Then half way through painting it, migraine hits and that was the end of that tutorial for now. I get frequent migraines that sometimes get so bad that I can’t do anything but to lay down. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I will post a picture below to give you a sneak-peek into what I had planned for today, however, I won’t tell you what I am planning to demonstrate:

I realized that there’s no way I can finish a tutorial for you today in time, so I decided to muster up some energy to find a good tutorial to show you all. After a bit of searching, I found a good video discussing color mixing and making a color wheel. It’s a video on YouTube by Jerry Yarnell. He does a great job describing how colors interact with each other and also gets into describing color composition for different moods for a painting with examples from his studio.

I am posting a this video (that has no affiliation to me, I just really liked his explanation) in place of my own today, but keep in mind that I will finish this tutorial when I can and still post it for next week’s Tutorial Tuesday. So be sure to check back for that! I think you will really like what I have planned.

So with that said, I shall leave you in the good hands of Mr. Yarnell.


<3 Kara

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