Tutorial Tuesday: Vote!

Good evening everyone and happy Election Day!

I had a tutorial planned for today but my computer is under the weather and is not working 🙁 that with my busy schedule today means there’s not art tutorial for today, and I apologize.

So now that you guys understand why there is not true Tutorial Tuesday on Be Lured today, I shall do a tutorial of another nature. This tutorial is to honor Election Day. It’s simple, and this is what you have to do: vote. I hope that you all exercised your right to vote today if you are eligible, as I have. Those who haven’t voted, and are eligible to vote, there is very little room for them to be upset if the results did not turn out the way they wanted. 

The image on the left is from Khmerican, an “online platform that encourages public engagement, discussion and connection of Khmer communities across the US and abroad” (, 2012). We were encouraged to show our patriotism for Khmer-America in voting by sharing this image. I am so happy to see such engagement from our Khmer community and so I am displaying this logo on my site proudly.

Check out all these Khmericans who are proudly saying “I’m Khmer-American and I voted!” by clicking here

So about my computer (not to change the topic abruptly or anything) I think I have a virus or something. I keep getting a booting errors, as in my computer cannot start, every other time I try to start my computer. And when I do manage to start, I am not able to run any programs, nor can I view documents. I can, fortunately, copy and paste files! So I have been backing up my documents, images and videos all day. I actually had to go purchase a new external hard drive because I didn’t have sufficient storage space. Ooops! So hopefully I finish backing everything up tonight so that tomorrow I can try to figure out what’s wrong and fix it without chances of destroying my files, mainly my images! I take so many photographs to document our lives, and a couple photo shoots for other people, so losing that would be quite devastating, since that has happened before to both my and my husband. But as of now, things are on track.

Take care everyone!

<3 Kara

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