What a hectic week!

Good evening Lured Ones!

If you are following and wonder what happened to Kara, I must tell you that I was abducted by a white rabbit and he took me to a tea party where I partied with the Queen of Hearts…

Just kidding 😉

To be honest, I have been extremely busy with some personal things. As you know, I am in Seattle to take care of my sister for the month while my parents are out of town. So the situation, along with some other factors have kept be really busy! Plus! I’ve been trying to see some family and close friends, so my time has been stretched pretty thin. However, I do make my sister a priority because that’s what I came here for 🙂

If you are asking, “Well, Kara! What about your art? How will you continue to paint and give us updates?” my response is that I have brought my tiny sketch book and some nice colored pencils. Hopefully I will be able to do something. But knowing how busy I am and will continue to be, I have a back up plan. I have been compiling a folder with some of my older works and plan on blogging about those in the meanwhile. It should give you a sense of my theme and visions (or lack thereof) in the past and see a bit of my development. Hopefully that’s enough to keep you interested!

On another note, my sister is a big fan of drawing and painting, so I would like to do a sister art activity where we make something together. It may have some craft element, but who knows. We will decide together and I’ll keep you posted about it!

Until next time,

<3 Kara

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