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Winter Painting Party!

A little bit ago, some girlfriends and I decided to have a spontaneous painting party! You know, like those studios that take you step-by-step in creating a painting while you sip on some wine that you brought? Yup, we did that, but in my little unfinished studio. We were darn classy too, painting on the floor with a drink 🙂

At first we weren’t sure what to paint, but after some brainstorming we decided to paint a wintery scene to reflect the current state of our winter wonderland that is Fairbanks.

It was a fairly simple painting that utilized deceivingly simple brush techniques: simple side-to-side strokes followed by lots of stippling. The stippling part was my favorite, especially when we laid snow on our trees. It was as if I was putting snow on those little miniature Christmas trees you find this time of year at craft stores like Joann’s or Michaels’.

We had SO MUCH FUN and it was such a great bonding activity! Although I am not the best teacher by any means (and they were such good sport about it), I think all of our winter wonderland paintings turned out pretty well! What do you think? Do you like to see this kind of fun shenanigans? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll get some friends together for a Painting Party the Sequel!

Have you been to one of those wine and painting events? Would you care to share your experience with it? I’d love to see a picture of your painting too if at all possible!

See you next week for more surprises!


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