Perfect Timing: Words from our Winner

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Recently my husband and I announced our customer appreciation giveaway winner on our business YouTube channel: Travis & Blair. After chatting back and forth for a short time on Facebook, we are able to meet Blair and her sweet children. It turns out, the giveaway timely answered an important prayer for them, and there is one major coincidence between our families.


We met at Venue, a local gallery + event space + coffee bar and chatted over coffee. The conversation was so easy, it was as if we had known each other for years.

When Patrick and I shared that we were planning our move to South Korea, we learned that Blair had lived there for 8 years in the past. What a small world? We chatted about her favorite things about the country, how she met Travis in Korea and quickly fell in love, and how they ended up in Alaska with a full family in tow. It was a beautiful love story and it continues as they prepare to face a hurdle in the near future. Here are her words:

“I am so very thankful for the gift basket from Play with Pigments. This gift meant much more to our family than just winning a prize from a drawing. This gift is a direct answer to prayer for us. My husband leaves for deployment soon, and has been struggling with finding any joy in being gone, yet again. We are followers of Jesus and my children and I have been praying that God would bring something into Daddy’s life during this deployment that would bring him joy…something that would encourage him and lift his spirits. Minutes before Makara texted me that I had won this basket full of Art supplies, my husband had confided that he truly loved painting and creating. It was such a great outlet to express his artistic side…it made him happy. Minutes after this conversation, Makara revealed that I had won! I read the text out loud. He became really quiet and said, “Its for me, huh?” It was such a “God” moment! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you Makara, for being apart of our little miracle on a Monday night:) God is truly good!!!!” – Blair, August 2016

This was one of those things where the timing was just too perfect. It’s perfect not only in answering their prayers, but in us meeting a new friend who had experienced living in South Korea! Blair had lived in South Korea for 8 years in the past, and we are headed there ourselves. How perfect? We spent some time talking about South Korea and we became fast friends.

To learn more about the prizes, please watch the video by clicking here.

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